Jul 19, 2013

darkest hour interviews

Slott Talks Darkest Hour
Since yesterday's Superior Spider-Man SDCC Panel revealed that Spidey and Venom would clash in November in Superior Spider-Man's "Darkest Hour" arc, writer Dan Slott has been making his rounds talking about the event.  While he doesn't reveal too much information, here are some of the interviews:

IGN: Venom has been reinterpreted again and again, both as a hero in his own right and as a foil for Spider-Man. What do you think makes that character so enduring? 
Slott: There’s something about Venom, ever since he first appeared, that just resonates with fans. Especially your inner fan that just goes, “That’s so cool!” He’s the original badass Spider-Man, you know? And now we have a badass Spider-Man throw-down.
Let's talk a little bit more about the character of Venom. You made Flash the new Venom host during your "Amazing Spider-Man" run and he was part of your "Spider-Island" storyline. A lot has happened to the character since then though. Which of Flash's recent developments do you find most interesting?  
I really liked his move to Philadelphia. It allowed him to set up his own place and be his own thing. We are bringing him back to New York for this story though.
Nrama: You would probably know the answer to this better than I do — do Venom and Doc Ock have much of a history in their previous incarnations? 
Slott: They've had some run-ins. The Eddie Brock-version. The person who really hasn't had a run-in with Doc Ock is Flash Thompson. There have been scenes where you have, like, "The Trial of Doc Ock," and Flash is there with a group of people. Or at the end of some fight where Doc Ock is being taken away, Flash is there with everybody from Midtown High. But there really is no Otto Octavius/Flash Thompson mix-up anywhere.
Nrama: Humberto Ramos is drawing the Venom arc – and he's a noted Venom artist, dating back to the storyline with Paul Jenkins many years ago in Spectacular Spider-Man, and he drew the first appearance of Agent Venom, too. Do you see this a definite case of the right artist on the right story? 
Slott: Oh god yes. He loves Venom. We're going to kill on this. It's going to be great. And for people who loved Humberto’s arc with Cardiac, Cardiac will be appearing in this story as well.

I will update this post as more interviews are released.