Apr 4, 2013

venom coming to superior spider-man

Venom vs SSM
In an interview with Marvel.com about the upcoming 'Big Changes' in Superior Spider-Man, author Dan Slott ends with this wonderful teaser:
And we have carefully created a world where the Flash Thompson Venom has yet to really meet and fight Spider-Man. There have been little tiny blips, like in the pages of VENOM right when it was kicking off and in one of the Carnage minis. But for the most part these two characters have been kept at a distance. Even when both guys were on different Avengers teams, they didn't really cross paths. Even in Spider Island, where both greatly affected each other’s stories they never really met. We are going to put it front and center; the two will come face to face.
Love or hate SUPERIOR, you have to be a little excited to see how Spider-Man (and Peter Parker) react to Flash and Venom when they finally face off against each other!