Jan 11, 2013

thunderbolts 4 preview

Thunderbolts 4
This week's CBR 'Axel-In-Charge' featured previews from Thunderbolts 4:

Also, it seems as though they forgot Venom still has his own series:

We haven't talked too much about "Thunderbolts" here in A-i-C, but it strikes me that that book is now made up of characters who have at one point held their own series but largely don't now except for Deadpool. Was part of the plan there to give Dan a space to call the shots on folks like Punisher and Elektra without having to worry about stepping on the toes of their monthlies?

Alonso: It was easier than that. We were in an editorial summit, the topic was the Thunderbolts, and somebody -- Jeph Loeb, I'm pretty sure -- said, "How about Thunderbolt Ross leads the Thunderbolts?" And it was like lightning bolt struck.

It was downhill running from there: What if Ross assembled his Marvel Universe wet works team? And it all fell into place: Punisher, Elektra, Deadpool, Venom -- all the hard-hitting #$@#$%$ers who'll put you down for good. It went without saying that this team would have a very different M.O. -- a very different inter-team dynamic -- than any other team that's out there.

[Writer] Daniel [Way] is building some fascinating subplots, and the budding romance -- if that's the right word -- between the Punisher and Elektra is just one aspect of that. This is a very volatile team, filled with deep fissures and unexpected bonds. Does Ross have a contingency plan for the Punisher if he steps out of line? Can Venom abide the methods of his teammates? And Deadpool -- readers are going to look at him in a whole new light. Let's just say, Wade isn't going to like Frank and Eleltra's relationship at all.

Are you guys still getting this series for Venom appearances?