Nov 20, 2012

venom thunderbolt pages

Venom & The Thunderbolts
Daniel Way (and editor Jordan White) dishes on the new Marvel NOW title, Thunderbolts, in an interview with CBR.  Sounds like it is going to be an interesting rollercoaster of a series:
The writer characterized the team as "exponential," noting that when the cast is all together, it's explosive. White stated it's definitely an interesting team when Venom is the most stable member.
Below are a few pages featuring Venom.  I recommend reading the entire article for info on the rest of the team.

Looks like Venom's red/black look is only when he is in combat.  What do you think?  The art in these pages (as well as the previously released one) has me intrigued enough to at least give this book a try.  Thunderbolts #1 debuts in two weeks.