Oct 3, 2012

minimum carnage

Minimum Carnage

  1. Minimum Carnage Alpha: Act One - Carnage breaks out of prison
  2. Scarlet Spider 10: Part Two Inner Space - Venom vs Scarlet Spider
  3. Venom 26: Part Three The Madman & The Microverse - Carnage vs Microverse Assassins
  4. Scarlet Spider 11: Part Four Kill Carnage - Carnage vs Scarlet Spider
  5. Venom 27: Family Bondage - Venom and Scarlet Spider vs Carnage
  6. Minimum Carnage Omega: Act Six - Carnage escapes the Microverse and brings an army with him
  7. Venom 27.1: The Evil Inside us All... - Flash confronts an old classmate while the symbiote terrorizes a victim
Minimum Carnage Alpha Variant Cover
Minimum Carnage Alpha 2nd Print Variant