Sep 3, 2012

mind bomb blog

Mind Bomb
To help fill some of the down time between posts, I've recruited TVS veteran Bizarnage to start a Venom related blog - Mind Bomb.  You might have seen some of him comments here on TVS or laughed at one of his many rants on Twitter.  Love him or hate him, you can't deny his love of symbiotes.  So to help create more discussions (that current topics I post wouldn't stir up) he will be making weekly posts about anything that is on his mind regarding symbiotes.  It should be a great forum for discussions and ideas that may get you thinking differently about the world of Venom.  

So look for the most recent updates to appear on the left sidebar or you can visit his site by clicking the blog button on the top.  Also, if this is successful I would love to start more blogs or columns with other symbiote fans!