Jul 25, 2012

secret avengers 29 - 37

Venom: The Avenger

  1. A Council of Masters: Venom hunts down TaskMaster
  2. Something Wicked The Way Comes: Venom vs TaskMaster
  3. Into the Void: Venom and Ant-man attempt to rescue the Secret Avengers
  4. To Hold Back A Black Hole: Venom and Ant-man vs U-Foes and Wrecking Crew
  5. Rise of the Descendants: Flash and Valkyrie are attacked
  6. Synthetic Dawn: Venom saves Valkyrie
  7. Tomorrow Will Rise: Venom and Black Widow infiltrate The Core
  8. Grandfather Clock: Venom vs Black-Ant
  9. Mutiny: Venom vs Black-Ant
Venom does not appear in issue 33 (only Flash)