Jun 14, 2012

secret avengers 29 art

Venom vs ...A Clown?
I have to admit, I am not really digging Venom on The Secret Avengers as of late.  He really doesn't feel like a true part of the team.  At least when he was a Dark Avenger, it felt like he belonged.  He also was featured a lot more.  I'll keep giving it a chance because I enjoy Remender's work and I feel as though a Venom-centric story is right around the corner, but I am not really following or looking forward to SA books.  With that being said, IGN has an article featuring the new artist of Secret Avengers.  Issue 29 comes out next month and it looks like Venom will be featured, at least in one panel, when the SA take on Bozo The Clown:

I do like the 'Doc Ock' look Venom has going on...