Jun 5, 2012

bunn talks over venom

Bunn talks Venom
Newsarama interviewed Cullen Bunn about his upcoming role as the primary writer of Venom.  Below is an excerpt along with some preview sketches from issue 23:
Nrama: Moving on to Venom, you're taking over as solo writer in August. We talked before about your approach to succeeding Jason Aaron on Wolverine, how your first arc follows what he was doing more closely and your second is going to be more of a departure. How close are you sticking to with what Rick Remender has done on Venom? Obviously the dynamic is difference, since you just co-wrote a Venom arc with Rick.
Bunn: With Venom, there are some departures, because Rick has set up a number of supporting characters and a cast of villains, and has built up Venom's world a little bit. I am going to depart a lot from that, because there are a number of supporting characters who are not going to play a major role in my run on Venom, at least initially. There are some characters who do not feature into my Venom story. I start introducing an entire new cast of supporting characters, but I wanted to keep it similar in tone to what Rick has been doing. That's the kind of tone I like for that character. I like these fast-paced, frantic stories, but then at the heart there's the story of Flash Thompson, and how he is dealing with becoming a superhero, and how, frankly, he's been failing at it. He's had some major wins, but he's definitely fumbled the ball more than a few times. And people have paid the price — he's paid the price, and then other people have paid the price as well. I wanted to make sure that I stayed true to that core of seeing Flash Thompson as a human being who is also a superhero. But I definitely wanted to throw him into some new challenges that are a little different. He's had his run with Crime Master and the Savage Six. Now he's going to be introduced to a whole new world of villain and characters who will start entering his orbit. But there are threads that are going to be let over from Savage Six, and I already have plans to address some of those in Venom. But just initially, he's going to be dealing with some other things.