May 9, 2012

remender on the savage six

Remender talks Savage Six
Next week we get the much anticipated Part One of the Savage Six story line.  Until then, we have a nice little breakdown of each villain along with some Lan Medina preview art from Venom 18, courtesy of Marvel's interview with Rick Remender:
  • Jack - “When you see Jack O'Lantern fighting Venom, it feels like Spider-Man fighting Green Goblin, it feels like a weird reflection in another world and I really find that appealing. I made sure that there was a personal clash between Venom and Jack O'Lantern early on. Their first encounter, Venom shoves a grenade into his helmet and blows his face half off. You've got a rivalry there.”
  • Crime Master - “Without giving away too much, going back to what Crime-Master's original motives were, this is all coming out of left field. You'll understand why he's been handling the situation the way he has in issue #20. He definitely hasn't handled it like The Kingpin would which would have been to kill everybody. He's been a little more cunning, there's a whole other layer there you'll discover.”
  • Human Fly - “I wanted to show that this guy is awesome. We revised his character; he vomits acid before he eats his prey, he's a cannibal, his wings can deflect bullets and they're razor sharp, he's fast as lightning and he's nuts. He eats hobos because he's a scum bag and he's a human fly. At this point, the Human Fly is willing to work with Crime-Master, who's the number two crime boss in New York, for protection and because it might give him an opportunity to kill Hobgoblin and Kingpin, which means longevity for him.”
  • Toxin - “The Toxin symbiote doesn't like the Venom symbiote. Eddie obviously doesn't like the Venom symbiote. We never revealed why Eddie is out killing all the symbiotes other than he thinks something bad is going to happen with them. Nobody that I've talked to has pieced together that Eddie could be right. Once we saw the Venom symbiote come into contact with the Toxin symbiote, the Venom symbiote turned into something very new and different. That might have something to do with what Eddie knows, what's coming and why he's trying to wipe out all the symbiotes. Of course, now that there's a symbiotic relationship between Eddie and Toxin, it's almost entirely fueled by Toxin's desire to get revenge on Venom. It's a very confused and angry Eddie Brock who's stuck inside there.”
  • Megatak - "He follows instructions, he's a tool basically, but his power level is that he can hop into a computer and pop out anywhere in the world. This plays a huge role in the Savage Six story because he's the thing that stops Flash from being able to get help, being able to call people and warn them. Flash realizes that he's shut down technologically; he's basically going to have to physically make his way around town to warn people and protect them. He picks up a phone and Megatak pops out. I just love the idea that the villain who looks the [campiest] is also god-like powerful in the modern world whereas in 1985 he was just kind of powerful.”
  • Death Adder -“He's a silent, deadly snake man with claws and is just the kind of guy you don't want gunning for your family. He's super cool looking. He's this character I've always liked since I was a kid because he creeps through the dark and doesn't have a mouth and doesn't make any noise.”