Feb 14, 2012

venom: savage six

Savage Six
As we are approaching the half way point of Venom's Circle of Four, you might be asking yourself 'whats next for the V-man?'  Well wonder no more!  Details of Venom's next event have emerged, and they are awesome for any symbiote fan!  Per iFanboy:

Savage Six is coming and it features a team up we didn’t see coming. Venom writer Rick Remender will be teaming up with popular writer Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) to co-write the upcoming 5 issue arc of Venom titled Savage Six!

Remender and Bunn explained that this story arc is not only the culmination of Remender’s work on Venom up to this point but is also a showcase for the rogues gallery that’s been established during this run on Venom so far. Bunn explains that the Savage Six will be”Introducing a band of really nasty villains who are really going to make life miserable for Flash.”
Leading the pack is Crime Master, the mastermind of the Savage Six and this arc will show why he’s a real threat. Remender adds, “To set him apart from the previous incarnations of Venom, it seemed really necessary to build him his own rogue’s gallery for Flash Thompson as Venom. At the same time to try and dust off characters like Crime Master and Jack O’Lantern, and the Human Fly and some of the other characters that I played a little bit with in The Punisher.”

Another aspect of the story and the establishment of the rogues gallery for Venom will be Eddie Brock, the former Venom and Anti-Venom. Remender reveals some the aspects of the dynamic between Venom and Eddie Brock, ”The Venom symbiote clearly wanted to kill the Toxin symbiote when they came into contact. There’s definitely something going on in Symbiote Town.” Since Eddie Brock is no longer Anti-Venom, Remender explains that he is still is someone who sees the evil of the symbiotes, “We’ll see more of Eddie in the background doing his best to hunt and eradicate the symbiotes which will lead to his inclusion in the storyline.”

Here is the cover for issue #17 and the summary for issues 17 and 18:

• Venom faces a gauntlet of doom as the Crime-Master unites Jack O’Lantern, The Human Fly, Toxin and more to destroy Flash Thompson!
• The Crime-Master’s plan is so diabolical, so vile, that it forces Eddie Brock to become a symbiote’s host once more – and takes the war to Flash Thompson’s Family, Betty Brant and even Peter Parker!

[Thanks to TheHybrid for the tip!]