Jan 9, 2012

secret avenger - venom

Venom in Secret Avengers

If you would of told me 20 years ago that Venom would be an Avenger, I would of laughed in your face; but yet, here we are...  In today's Marvel Live Blog, Rick Remender talked about The Secret Avengers, Venom's role in it, and some snazzy covers.  
In regards to Venom:
"Venom will be the odd man out at first. In some ways he'll be the reader's perspective moving forward. Here's a guy who grew up wanting to be Spider-Man, then had his dreams taken away by his accident and now he has all this power and he's an Avenger. He's like an 18-year-old kid who loved music and grew up to work with Madonna. I am not comparing Hawkeye to Madonna." -Rick Remender 
"A lot of characters will go 'Oh hey, there's Venom, the murdering villain monster...why is he on my team?'" -Rick Remender 
Rick teasing that Circle of Four, the Venom event coming up in February, will lead into Venom's role in Secret Avengers and how he earns Captain America's trust.
As for the art previews, Venom didn't appear on any interior pages but can be seen on a couple covers (Secret Avengers 22 - released last month, Secret Avengers 23 - previously only a sketch was released, and Secret Avengers 25 - newly released.  He does not appear on the cover of Secret Avengers 24):

If you care to view the interior pages of issue #22 as well as a recap of the live blog, check out iFanboy.

What do you guys think?  Venom is going to be very busy these next couple months.  Will you be buying his first few appearances in SA even if he's only in one panel?