Jan 3, 2012

remender talks "circle of four"

Circle of Four
It is time to start of 2012 (aka the year of Venom)!  Rick Remender sat down with CBR and gave us some more information (and pics) of whats to come of our favorite symbiote in February.  He gives a little spoiler on why the Circle of Four (Venom, Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, and X-23) form and who they have to stop:
During the events of "Circle of Four," Blackheart is competing with his father for some specific reasons. Remender feels those reasons are fairly spoilery, so readers who want to enter the storyline completely in the dark will want to skip ahead to the next paragraph. "Readers who aren't afraid of spoilers and need more information on the story to be sold, keep reading: Blackheart brings Hell to Earth, and if it weren't for our heroes, it would work. It almost spreads, and Hell definitely takes over Las Vegas," Remender revealed. "The power struggle is definitely a classic father and son-style rivalry. In this case, the son has been ejected from Hell and forced to live on Earth with no powers. Blackheart is just a person here, so he's trying to show his father up. What he does is, he starts to bring Hell to Earth, which will return his powers and obviously consume every human soul on the planet, giving him a big win over Daddy."
He also shares the variant cover to Venom #13 and a Venom/Hulk panel:

The Circle of Four event kicks off in February with Venom #13 and concludes in March with Venom #14.
For more information on the event and additional pics (none with Venom, some with Flash) from the arc, check out the CBR interview here.