Jan 6, 2012

circle of four art

Tony Moore Circle of Four Art
The previews just keep coming!  In this week's CBR Alex-In-Charge column, we get a little more info on Venom as well as some awesome pages from the upcoming Circle of Four event:
"Venom" also has the "Circle of Four" event about to hit, and I get the feeling that on the back of "Uncanny X-Force" and "The Dark Angel Saga," Remender is someone who seems to come into a comic with very long-term plans. How does this mini event for Venom help expand what he's been doing with Flash since issue #1? 
Alonso: One of the things Rick set up in "Venom" -- along with Slott in "Amazing Spider-Man" -- is a man who wanted nothing more than becoming a hero finally getting his shot -- and paying a terrible cost. At the start of our series, Flash had turned his personal tragedy into a personal triumph, but Flash has more demons than a city in Hell and in "Circle of Fire," the path he started down in issue #1 has really hit a dead end. Whether he can find himself out of that cul de sac is part of the through-line of that arc. Also part of the through line are kick ass pages like these with Venom, Ghost Rider, hulk and X-23 smashing stuff! Exciting stuff is ahead. At the last Spider-Man retreat, Rick and Zeb [Wells] and physically acted out a lot of the big scenes from what they've got planned for later this year, and it was amazing stuff. Who'd a thunk those two were so limber! [Laughs]

It's disappointing that there is no Venom in these Venom previews...