Nov 19, 2011

REVIEW: venom 6 - 9

With Spider-Island over and Venom heading in a 'new direction,' I thought it would be a good time to review the amazing second arc of Venom.

The Story: NYC has been infected with a virus that turns the citizens into spiders.  The Spider-Island event takes place in multiple issues of many Marvel comics and eventually changes the lives for both Venom (Flash) and Eddie Brock.

The Good: While I enjoyed this entire arc, two issues really stood out to me - #7 and #9.  Issue #7 - We not only get to see the much anticipated battle between Anti-Venom and Venom, but we also get a fight between Eddie and Flash as to what the symbiote really is.  What drove this issue was the development of both Eddie and Flash.  Brock is finally able to use a symbiote's powers for only good and when he 'loses' the battle against Venom, the reader can almost feel his pain as the symbiote bonds with him.  Oh and lets not forget about Moore's amazing cover!  Issue #9 - This just might be my favorite Venom issue ever.  Kick ass cover, check!  Fantastic art, check!  While every panel in the previous issues was full of detail (sometimes too much), these panels all looked clean and crisp.  I also loved the style of both Agent Venom and Teeth-Out-Long-Tongue Killer Venom.  Great writing, CHECK!  I cannot give Rick Remender enough praise.  Ever issue flows smoothly and the fact that he doesn't bog down each page with a ton of dialogue makes it easy to follow keeps it from getting boring.

The Bad: Crossovers - If you don't read the Amazing Spider-Man issues that are apart of this event, you really miss out and are left confused.  Granted there are recaps at the beginning of each chapter, but for the full story you are forced to purchase other (non-Venom) books.  Spider-Queen - I just didn't like her as a villain and I don't buy the fact that she is able to beat Venom and Captain A at the end of issue #8.

The Overall: 4.5 outta 5.  Aside from the fact that this story isn't contained only in the pages of Venom and some of the art in books 6-7 can get a little muddled, this is an excellent series and I can't recommend it enough!