Oct 21, 2011

venom 9 preview art

Venom 9 Previews
Right off the heels of Venom #8 preview pages, ifanboy brings us two pages from next month's issue:

From ifanboy:
Earlier this week we heard from Venom writer Rick Remender about the upcoming “Venom Event“ taking place in February, 2012. Remender promised that this event would be the culmination of the ongoing story of Flash Thompson as Venom, which so far has been one of the most interesting stories this year from Marvel Comics, even after being pulled into the Spider Island event happening in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.
In November’s issue, Venom #9 picks up the aftermath of Spider Island, as Flash Thompson deals with the events of the Infestation of Manhattan. For this issue, Remender is joined by artist Stefano Caselli, who brings a strong dynamic element to Venom, as seen in these exclusive preview pages below.
Venom #9 is in stores on November 16, 2011 and sells for $2.99
 Are you looking forward to the new artist?

[Thanks to Ryder_Revolution for the tip]