Oct 2, 2011

remender talks venom video

Remender Venom Interview

Nothing really new in this Remender Interview by CBR, but its interesting to hear the author of Venom speak about the character and how this 'new' Venom came to be.  The 'Venom part' is from about minute 6 to 9:


  1. I'll admit that I've warmed up to Flash, but it's due to his relationship to Venom, not his background or supporting cast (don't care about Betty, don't care if she finds out unless it leads to Parker finding out. Can't even remember the military guys' names).

    If more of the symbiote's POV could work it's way into the story, I'd be pleased. Just as Flash has an addiction, so does the suit to certain hosts.

  2. I love the hell out of Remender's Venom.

  3. I agree. The best thing Marvel did was to give him full control of the character. Ever since Venom's limited series ended, he was handled by way too many authors who just used him as a plot device rather than build his character. Thank God for Remender.