Oct 19, 2011

the next big thing: venom

Venom part of the 'New FF'
Well if Venom joining the Secret Avengers didn't get you excited for this Winter, how about if Venom joins X-23, Red Hulk, and Ghost Rider to get your blood pumping:
Venom #13 Art

CBR has recapped the Marvel Live Blog:
  • The group revealed that this coming February, a crossover is in the offing for Marvel characters including the leads of "Venom," "Ghost Rider," "Hulk" and "X-23." However, the story will technically all take place within the pages of "Venom" with issues being labeled #13, 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4 and finally concluding in #14.
  • Remender said they'd keep the big bad of the book quiet for now, but he did reveal where the story starts as he writes #13. "The character is trying to bring something from another dimension to earth...and the villain is succeeding in doing this," the writer said, noting the action takes place in a Las Vegas casino. Captain America sends the Red Hulk out to investigate on behalf of the Avengers, and soon Hulk and Venom clash along with the other two characters unknowing of what awaits them in Sin City. "The events that take place in Las Vegas won't be completely resolved after this, and there will be an interesting new tone for the next few years in that dirty city."
  • While separate issues of the event will be written by the writers solo, the group said they're highly coordinating the event as a whole together via conference calls and e-mails.
  • Tony Moore will draw the initial, 30-page special issue that is "Venom" #13. 
  • Remender noted that "Hulk is on a manhunt for Venom...but everything changes as a good story always does, so they've got to high five and try to be friends."
  • The event will also run as a "fifth week" event of sorts of February and early March.
  • Asked whether the story is optional for the fans who have been following the solo books, Remender said, "It's 100% not optional if you've been reading 'Venom,'" adding that fans who love the characters wouldn't want to miss this. "I think readers get mad when some other unsympathetic team gets handed their favorite characters," Parker added, but since these writers are on their own characters here, it should be an easy pick-up for readers of the monthly titles.

The fact that they are keeping this event within Venom has me sold!  It's like "here's 4 extra issues this month!"  Start saving your pennies TVSers!!!  This Winter is going to be great!