Sep 14, 2011

shso: venom

Venom in Super Hero Squad Online
If you play Marvel's Super Hero Squad Online game, then you will be pleased to hear that Venom will be featured in an upcoming mission:

I've never actually played this game (I've always found it too cartoony), but if you have an account let us know your thoughts on "Symbi-Oh No!" (I'll add it to the video game section once it's released) and the game in general.
Feel free to exchange usernames in the comments as well to meet up with other Venom fans!

Although SHSO is free to play, the missions cost money ($5 will get you 400 gold coins):

[Thanks to Some Dude for the screenshot]

From Azurecharade in Comments:
The missions involving Venom, "Symbi- Oh No!", can be obtained for free via winning gold on the lottery wheel. Lottery tickets are obtained through missions. The daily mission is free for anyone to play, even solo, and silver is obtained as well as tickets. Also when not winning gold, you will likely be winning silver. Silver can then be used to buy silver priced missions(theres 2 at time of writing). The wheel should yield 150 gold the first day, and each day one gold space will refresh. Also, if you log in(don't actually have to play) 8 days in a row you should obtain roughly 25 gold. If you don't mind the monotony of doing missions for tickets you can eventually obtain the Venom mission for free with a minimal amount of effort.