Sep 15, 2011

remender on anti-venom vs venom

Remender Interview about AV and Venom

The Venom teasers seem to be pouring in today!  Newsarama just published an interview with Venom author Rick Remender.  From the sound of this interview, we will all be in symbiote bliss for quite some time:

Nrama: So is Anti-Venom pretty much around for just issue #7? Or is he going to stick around for a while? 
Remender: Without giving too much away, I will say that Eddie Brock is going to be a regular cast member, and I will leave it at that. I just got back from the Spider-Retreat last week in New York, and Zeb Wells and I locked down our plans for the symbiotes, making sure that there's lots of nice connective tissue between Carnage and Venom and Spider-Man coming up.
Nrama: So beyond "Spider-Island," is there anything else you can tease at this point about what's on the horizon for Flash? 
Remender: There are two major storylines coming up, one of them is going to be a big crossover thing that Flash and Venom play a giant role in. Beyond that, without giving away too much, we've got something coming up with the other symbiotes — Carnage, as I said. We see the return of his archnemesis Jack O'Lantern, and put those two in a pretty precarious and interesting situation, so fans of the first story will see the return of Jack O'Lantern and Crimemaster, that thread picks back up here in a couple of issues. ... if you enjoy seeing these characters pop up elsewhere, and interact with the Marvel Universe, you can look forward to that with Venom.
 He also goes into a little bit about his thoughts on Eddie and how his character has evolved over the years.

What else can I's a good time to be a Venom fan!