Mar 22, 2011

the making of a venom cover

Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer at Marvel, recently tweeted his process for creating the cover of Venom #1:

" First my original doodle. I was looking for an over the top theme."
 "Still in that mindset, the idea being that the cover couldn't contain him."
"Just to make sure I explored all options, I pulled back and changed logo placement. This wasn't working for me"
 "One more try, changed the logo placement again. While not there, it was giving me options and ideas."
"Cropping Venom at the top, gave the illusion of size and directed the readers eye in a downward S motion"
"Always important to make sure to lead the viewers eye where you want it. Many artist don't think this through"
"Time to draw"
"Danny Miki's inks. Qyite simply, one of the very best in the business"
"Richard puts the frosting on the cake with his amazing colors and the fat lady sings!"

Its a bad ass Venom thats for sure!  My only gripe is that Venom never looked like that in the actual comic.  You can follow Quesada on Twitter.