Mar 9, 2011



As many of you devoted Venom fans know, the new Venom ongoing series debut today.  We've waited three months for this and I gotta say, I'm content with the first issue.  Theres nothing shocking about the comic, its just a good opening story.  It also helps to foreshadow whats to come: Flash on the verge of letting the symbiote take control, his rocky relationship with Betty, and the constant reminder that the army has a 'kill switch' attached to him that can be used at any time.  Was anyone else thinking 'just let the Venom we all know and love loose to kick some ass' when the general was talking to Flash?  Without doing a complete review, I have to say I really enjoyed this book.  I'm glad Marvel decided to bring Venom back and take him in a new direction.  How do you guys feel after reading this issue?

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Why take out the 'decapitation?'

February Preview
Page 8 of Venom #1