Jan 28, 2011

new venom host revealed

Remender Reinvents Venom

Rick Remender, writer of the new ongoing Venom series, had a press conference today and discussed aspects of the 'new' Venom.  Before you read any further, there are a lot of spoilers in the article, including the name of Venom's new host.  I will only post highlights of the interview, but feel free to click on the link below to get the full story.

Apparently, the Venom symbiote can only be bonded to its host a maximum of 20 times.  Now I know the they announced earlier that Venom can only be bonded for short spurts of time, but I really hope they don't go changing hosts every year.

It also seems that Venom will not only be limited to this series, as Remender hinted that the actions from this series will carry over to Spider-Man books this summer.  It seems as though Venom will be very busy this year.

Finally, art from the first book as well as the cover of book 4 (not sure what happened to book 3) has been released as well.  [UPDATE: The cover is of issue 3.  The article was wrong.] You can find them below or if you are dying to get the whole story click on over to ComicBookResources and check everything out!  The preview art from book1 is completely badass!  Let the count down until issue 1 is released begin!

Venom 3

Preview 1 of Issue 1

Preview 2 of Issue 1

Preview 3 of Issue 1

Preview 4 of Issue 1