Dec 18, 2010

interview with venom writer

Interview with Venom's new writer
A week after it was announced our favorite symbiote would be back with a brand new host in a new on going series, Rick Remender (the writer of the new Venom series) sat down with to give us a little better idea of what he has planned for Venom.

Although he couldn't give away any specifics, there were a couple parts of the article that I found interesting:

Nrama: And obviously the identity of  Venom’s new host is still a closely guarded secret at this point, but it is a character who is familiar to readers, right?
Remender: Yep. Familiar to readers, but somebody who's been prowling around the Spidey-verse for years and makes a lot of sense for the job.

Remender: ...Slott and Wacker, what they put together in terms of the person inside of the suit, was the reason  I got — beyond seeing Tony Moore draw Venom and get to do these really great action pieces — the character they selected to go inside the suit is perfect. It’s so inspirationally perfect. It is a fresh take on it.

Remender:  Again, without giving away too much, we’re taking a couple classic Spider-Man villains and retooling them a little bit, putting them in a situation where they end up as sort of Venom’s arch-nemeses. That’s been a real treat.

Remender: The Savage Land is a big set piece.

Nrama: And just from a fan perspective, Moore seems pretty perfect on a lot of different levels for this comic. 
Remender: It’s pretty crazy how well it came together. He is perfect for it, and when you see the other drawings he’s done — we haven’t revealed the final suit — there’s so much cool stuff coming up in this in terms of visuals. I feel good. I feel that I’ve got the character’s voice down now.  

I was excited before, but now I am so pumped for this series!!  It sounds like they finally have a firm grasp on the Venom character.  From everything that was released thus far, my money is on Flash Thompson becoming the new host.  I also love the fact that they are keeping Venom in Spider-Man's 'world,' but allowing him to travel the globe to 'meet' other Marvel characters at the same time.  Plus we have yet to see the final version of Venom!  Head on over to Newsarama and check out the entire interview and let us know your thoughts.  March cannot come soon enough for me!!!!