Sep 14, 2010

carnage on broadway

Carnage in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark musical

In an interview with MTV news, the director of the new Spider-Man Broadway Musical, Turn Off the Dark, confirms that Carnage (as well as the Sinister Six) will be featured in the show. Director Julie Taymor says:

"In writing with Glen Berger, the playwright, we've tried to craft something that's a little different than what you're used to," she added. "Our Doctor Osborn is more of a conglomerate of Doc Ock [and] of Osborn — he's not a businessman."
"He's a real scientist, who's a real southerner — he believes he's going to help combat the world as it is, environmental disasters," she continued. "He believes that he has to prepare people, so he's creating through DNA transfers and this and that, the ability for humans to protect themselves when the tides rise and global warming. It's very current. It's very very now, even though we do blend periods."
Taymor went on to explain how Green Goblin (played by Patrick Page) and other members of Spidey's rogues gallery play a major role in the second act. And that is where things get... interesting... for fans of Spidey's comic book and movie history.
"When he turns into Goblin, it's a very different Goblin," she said. "Then we have this thing in Act Two, where Spider-Man's powers keep rising and rising and you meet what we call 'The Sinister Six/Seven.' We have Kraven, Carnage, Lizard, a new one we've created, Swiss Miss."

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How do you feel about Carnage making his Broadway debut?