Aug 13, 2010

CLASSIC REVIEW: ultimate spider-man 33 - 38

After seeing Spidey's Ultimate Universe costume was going to be the black suit in the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game trailer, I got the urge to reread and review the Ultimate Venom origin story.

The Story: Over two years after the start of the Ultimate Spider-Man title, we finally get introduced to Ultimate Venom. In this universe, Peter Parker is in high school, Eddie Brock is an old time friend attending college, and their fathers worked together on a cure for cancer they called 'the suit.'

The Good: Ultimate Venom Creation - Each book in this story serves a purpose. There is no filler; not once does the story drag; it is simply good story telling. We get Peter and Eddie's past, Spider-Man wearing the suit, Eddie taking the suit, and a final battle without any speed bumps along the way. Dare I say that I prefer this origin to the original... The Art - Take a second to admire the cover of issues #33 and #35. Wow. Although they are kind of misleading (Venom never has the spider symbol on his chest and the above picture is a better representation of what he actually looks like) these covers are among my favorites. I also really enjoyed the art inside each book. The artist really knows how to convey emotions through his art. I'm also a fan of the 'digital' look of the books.

The Bad: Needs More Venom - Although he appears on all but one cover, the reader doesn't get to witness him in the story until the last chapter. I would of liked one more chapter with Eddie still trying to control the suit before he escapes (I do not care for the ending Venom received). The Second Suit - I'm not sure why this bugs me so much, but it does. After wearing the suit as Spider-Man, Peter destroys it. The suit that Eddie uses is a second specimen. I would of liked it if the suit remembered everything about Spider-Man (like the original symbiote) and would mimic his web-slinging and acrobatic abilities. Its a small detail, but having Eddie wear a suit that was never attached to Spider-Man seems wrong to me.

The Overall - 4.5 outta 5. I forgot how much I actually enjoyed this story. I highly recommend busting out your copies and checking it out again. Its an easy read and a great story. Now hopefully we get to see an update of Ultimate Venom in the current Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series, sooner rather than later!