Apr 29, 2010

REVIEW: siege spider-man

The Story: Venom has been impersonating Spider-Man for over a year now and Spidey has finally had enough. During a battle in Asgard, Spider-Man meets up with the 'Dark Spider-Man.'

There are some spoilers in the following review. Do not read if you haven't read Siege: Spider-Man 1. You've been warned.

The Good: The Action - The non-stop action. Right from page one, Venom is terrorizing Asgard and it only takes Spider-Man until page three to throw the first punch. The Symbiote - I never realized it until this comic, but the Symbiote has been calling all the shots for quite some time now. It is the one eating the Asgardians, it is the one that ditches Mac and bonds with Ms. Marvel and it is the one that forces her to stay with it. Apparently, it only needs a host to keep its form.

The Bad: The Hype - Marvel promoted this comic with the promise there would be a brand new Venom. Well, there was...for six of the 22 pages. I don't think I'm the only one when I say I'm ready for a new Venom host. Although I didn't get my hopes up for this book to introduce one, I thought maybe they would leave us with a cliff hanger that suggested a new Venom was in the works. How does Ms. Marvel's energy not hurt the Symbiote? Unnecessary - I hate 'event' comics. They are printed to only make a couple bucks. Seriously, this whole 'Siege event' is about the Dark Avengers. Why is the Dark Avengers ending and a Siege limited series along with multiple one-shots being made to finish the story? What did this comic accomplish? It didn't move the story along (except now Spidey knows Ms. Marvel likes him) and Venom wasn't captured (so he is free to continue killing).

The Overall: 3 outta 5. I'm being generous because with as little action as Venom is getting recently, I will take any Venom centered book I can get! I am ready for Mac to lose the Symbiote and after reading this, I wouldn't mind if a super villain (one with actual powers) would become the new Venom. I think it would be cool to see what the Symbiote could do with additional powers. Hasn't The Amazing Spider-Man line introduced a couple new villains recently? Why not create a new host for the Symbiote and revamp Venom?