Mar 24, 2010

siege: spider-man preview

Spider-Man vs Dark Spider-Man

Finally, a Spider-Man/Venom battle in 2010! More details have been released about Siege: Spider-Man, which pits Spidey against a Gargan Venom. The writers are using this one-shot issue as a follow-up to last years Sinister Spider-Man limited series. We will also get to see a new Venom?!?!?! To view the entire article, visit or click here.
If that didn't get you excited for the April 21st release, then the following preview pics will! These were taken from

So who do you think will don the symbiote in this issue? My money is on Ms. Marvel (seen above in the pic ripping Mac out of the suit). I am finally glad to see Venom shed the 'Dark Spider-Man' look and get back to his old school outfit. I know I'm ready for a solid Venom story in 2010!!