Nov 20, 2009

CLASSIC REVIEW: amazing spider-man 300

The Story: Venom has just broke into the Parker household and frightened Mary Jane. Spider-Man is now on the hunt for this mysterious new villain.

The Good: Length - This issue is 47 pages long! Now that might be because it is the 300th issue, but that's almost unheard of in today's comics. I think if it was published today, this story would of spanned three different issues. Story - It pretty much has it all for a classic Spidey tale: MJ is in trouble, the villain stops the fight to describe his origin to the hero, Spider-Man escapes an over the top trap just in the nick of time, Venom is out smarted by Spider-Man...CLASSIC!

The Bad: Some of the Art - Don't get me wrong, Todd McFarlane is the best Venom artist ever! I just don't think he understood where he wanted to take the character when this book was released. Venom doesn't have any fangs or tongue (although that sinister smile is kinda creepy) and the coloring seemed to run together (this may also be caused by the fact the book is over 20 years old!).

The Overall: 5 outta 5! Its the birth of Venom, would you expect anything less? When I was re-reading this, I realized just how much these characters (Venom and Eddie) have changed in the past 20 years. I don't think everything was for the good, but it definitely beats having the same recycled stories told over and over. If you haven't read this one in awhile, I recommend treating yourself and reading it again. You'll remind yourself just why you starting following this guy in the first place!