Oct 20, 2009

where are all the symbiotes?

It's a little hard keeping a site dedicated to Venom fresh when Marvel decides to give the character a couple months off...

In the next three months, we have Venom making slight appearances in the Dark Avengers monthly series and the conclusion of Anti-Venom's New Ways to Live limited series; that's about all the action he will get in '09. Meanwhile, Carnage hasn't been seen around for years, and it seems Marvel has all but given up on creating any new Toxin stories.

I guess I'm just a little frustrated because I really have no Venom activity to look forward to and get me excited. I'm not really buying the whole 'Venom is a team player' aspect for the Dark Avengers, for some reason he hasn't met up with Spidey (in any of Spider-Man's on going titles) since this past summer, and his latest video game appearance doesn't have me dying to go back and play it again.

Am I the only one who would continuously purchase and look forward to another monthly series of Venom?? I'm talking more like the 90's Lethal Protector limit series run, not the horrendous on going series in 2000.