Jun 4, 2009

mua2 venom

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Venom

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website finally updated to include Venom as one of the playable characters. Click here to check out the website and by scrolling all the way over to the left you can see him in action against The Hulk. You can also view his bio, his reasons for and against the Registration Act, and a 3-D model by going to the character section, or clicking here. There is also a nice little question/answer section that includes Venom.

Question. Why have the eyes? I don't think Venom has had eyes since Mac first took control and joined the Thunderbolts (correct me if I'm wrong) Also, do we really need veins all over his body? I guess this is just for the website because I didn't notice any of this during the MUA2 teaser trailer that came out a couple days ago. Regardless, I can't wait for this game!