Jul 7, 2008

ultimate spider-man 123 - 128

"And now its like I have two brains in me." -Eddie Brock

  1. War of the Symbiotes Part 1: Eddie sits on a park bench and recalls his last encounter with Spider-Man. He then flashes back to a couple days ago when he fought Spider-Man in a museum.
  2. War of the Symbiotes Part 2: Venom is captured by Silver Sable, while Spider-Man fights The Beetle.
  3. War of the Symbiotes Part 3: Venom vs The Beetle. The suit leaves Eddie and bonds with Spider-Man
  4. War of the Symbiotes Part 4: Spider-Man bonds with the suit and fights The Ultimates. They are able to remove the suit and capture it.
  5. War of the Symbiotes Part 5: Eddie threatens to tell the world Peter is Spider-Man unless he gets the suit back. Carnage takes the shape of Gwen Stacy and escapes.
  6. War of the Symbiotes Part 6: Venom vs Carnage. Eddie gets the suit back after Carnage tries to attack him.


  • Whenever Venom is near Spider-Man, Peter Parker gets a headache and is in physical pain. This was also mentioned in the video game spin off of the comic.