Jan 1, 2008

the spectacular spider-man

The Spectacular Spider-Man

2008 - 2009
After Eddie Brock ends his friendship with Peter Parker, he takes the symbiote that was brought from space.
Venom Episode:
Nature vs Nurture (Season 1.13) - Peter is in a celebratory mood as Aunt May is released from the hospital, but Eddie Brock (transformed into the vicious Venom by the alien symbiote) has no intention of letting them have a happy reunion.

First Steps (Season 2.5) - School’s back in session, and things have changed. Peter Parker’s actually invited to Flash Thompson’s birthday bash. Meanwhile, Spider-Man has to party with Sandman, who’s once again looking to make his Big Score. And is that Venom disappearing into the night? 

Growing Pains (Season 2.6) - Venom is back and framing Spider-Man. Meanwhile, alien spores infect John Jameson, increasing his size, strength and mass. J. Jonah Jameson convinces his son to become a superhero, to capture Spidey. 

Identity Crisis (Season 2.7) - Peter Parker’s secret identity as Spider-Man has been outed by Venom, leaving Peter and his loved ones vulnerable to all of Spidey’s enemies.