Jan 1, 1996


Hybrid - Scott Washington
After Scream killed the other four symbiote human hosts, the symbiotes were brought back to the Life Foundation to be studied. The sybmiotes escaped from their prison and molded together. Scott Washington was a security guard at the facility and tried to stops the unified symbiote. After he realized this new entity was not evil and was being caused great pain by the Life Foundation's experiments, Scott let it escape. After Scott was fired, he was a victim of a drive by shooting that left him paralyzed. The symbiotes found him and bonded with him to form Hybrid. The symbiotes allow Scott to walk again. Hybrid is considered a hero, as the sybmiotes stop him from committing acts of violence.


  1. i feel funny about Eugene "Flash" Thompson lost legs get wheelchair become new Venom can walk expect like scott washington break legs get wheelchair become HYBRID can walk should make new comic book? i show you website images for two pictures look check up




  2. I hope they bring Hybrid back in the Carnage arc although they probably won't....

  3. If they do, I bet you Carnage will kill him.

  4. I still doubt anyone will die. I've said it before but why bring back these people back after 20 years just to kill them off?