Jan 1, 1980

help thevenomsite

Wanna lend a hand?
Being as updating this site is a hobby of mine, I do not have the time to get all of the information I need. Therefore, if you want to add content please contact me!
Currently, TVS.com needs the following:
    • Pictures of Venom cards
    • Recently released cards that are not on the site
    • Carnage, Toxin, and symbiote cards that are not listed
  1. Art
    • If you created a great picture, lets see it!
    • Scans of awesome Venom art within the covers of a comic
  2. Comics
    • If you have a comic that isn't listed
    • Other 'versions' of Venom and Carnage that aren't listed

If you are at all interested in helping, please email admin@thevenomsite.com